Corey Pk, from the air
Submitted by: WA6TLW
CARCON has designed the site for quick and easy frequency coordination requests for all of Nevada.
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CARCON is back! With a new feature added. The CARCON community can now post photos of what makes CARCON work. Another nice feature for CARCON entries has been added: the Link system name. The Link system name will act not only as a name for your linked system, but will be used as a searchable field, and as a method to present the linked system in the annual ARRL repeater directory. Send a name for the Link system with a list of all the existing entries through the contact section and the coordinator or web master will update the system. Click on any linked system from search results to view the positions of each entry.

A new feature for searching the database has been implemented. You can now search the database by location from a map of the CARCON area.

An extra field has been added to the Submit request form. If you are located at a known mountain peak then select the known site instead of figuring out what the Lat and Lon position points are.