CARCON online
CARCON online explained
Create an account An account with CARCON online is needed for submitting coordination requests. The account is free and all information is used only in the ARRL system.
View Database To view the current list of coordinated frequencies under CARCON, click on the view database button to begin. Use search parameters to search for any particular coordination, or click on "View entire database" to view the entire list of coordinated frequencies.
Submit a request

Sample Form

To submit a coordinate request with CARCON online, click to the submit request form and fill out all the information. The pending request will then be reviewed by the coordinator for confirmation. A sample form has been provided for further clarification.
Update a request If you need to make changes to a submitted request, use the update request feature. First check to see if your submission has been confirmed by the coordinator. Then choose between pending requests or confirmed requests. Once your request is found from searching, click on the update button for that entry. You will then be directed to an update submission form.
If your request is still pending, the changes to update are immediate. However, if you are updating a confirmed request, the coordinator must review the changes before confirming the new request.
Contact CARCON If you have any other questions or comments regarding CARCON, feel free to contact CARCON online with the contact button.